Transfer students connect through programs like BadgerCETE


This post was contributed by guest blogger and transfer student Brianne Huettner. 

Your first year of college can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. You’re leaving home for the first time, and the doors of opportunities seem endless. You have to advocate for yourself more than before but you also get to enjoy your new-found independence. That might sound typical of a freshman experience, but we often forget, what about transfer students?

For some transfer students, their first year didn’t look anything like they had planned. Or maybe it did go well, but they wanted to find a campus that was a better fit, or transfer into a different academic program. Some transfer students attended college for a while, then decided it wasn’t the right time for them and to come back to college later.  Just like freshmen, for transfer students, no two journeys are alike. But with every journey comes With the transition into becoming a Badger can be rocky at times, and sometimes there are struggles along the way.

Thankfully, the Center for the First-Year Experience at UW-Madison has programs like the Transfer Transition Program (TTP) to aid all transfer students in their transition. And part of the TTP is the new and growing BadgerCETE. CETE stands for “Creating Exceptional Transition Experiences” and is a cohort-based group of transfer students. The students involved meet throughout the Fall semester to develop leadership and transfer advocacy skills, while learning more about UW-Madison.

BadgerCETE Student Showcase

This fall, an excited and passionate group of transfer students got together to devise and complete their very own thought up projects that would in some way highlight or help transfer students. On Monday November 20th, they were able to showcase their hard work. From interactive maps to helping new transfer students get around on campus to gathering data and getting statistics about transfer students to familiarize everyone more with the transfer student population–the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Being transfer students themselves, the member in BadgerCETE know the struggles of transitioning to a new university all too well. Whether it is helping transfer students navigate this large university or working to break any stigmas or stereotypes held against transfer students, BadgerCETE members were passionate about helping fellow transfer students and it clearly showed in their projects.

Transfer students are Badgers and as we know, through the struggles Badgers help Badgers, which is exactly what those in BadgerCETE seek to do.

student giving two thumbs up

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