“Time for You”

Between classes, studying, and work, the time seems to fly by during the week; and we get in a cycle of simply completing our ‘to do’ lists. I am as big of a fan of lists as the next person, but I also think it’s really important to learn the beauty in stepping away. There are always so many things to do on this campus, but have you ever asked yourself what you are doing for you and your own well-being? Taking the time to just enjoy being yourself, not as the student or employee, but you as a person is so vital. The weekend is probably the best time to set aside time to embrace the fullness of you. Whether alone or with a group of wonderful people, be sure to have that time. Since arriving at UW-Madison, I have found a couple of habits help me feel rejuvenated:

One of my favorite ways to take a break is to get a good meal with even better company during the weekend. This simultaneously feeds your spirit and soul, two things that probably get passed over during the week. Every Saturday morning, I go out for brunch with a group of girls that I now consider my sisters in Christ. I met these wonderful girls during the first week of class, in Chi Alpha, a phenomenal, on-campus Christian ministry.  Through our weekly sweatpant Saturdays, I have learned how important it is to spend time with people outside of weekly meetings. Taking the time to catch up on what is happening in their lives is vital to the growth of relationships and personal development. For fulfilment, your life and your free time is to be shared.


Another great way to prioritize your well-being is to take time just to be by yourself and do what you like to do. For some people, it might be reading a book or taking a run down the Lakeshore Path. No matter your preference, it is vital to take the time just to be alone with your thoughts and remind yourself that you are worthy of a space to just be. A space where you don’t have to on top of everything, but a space where you can be honest with yourself. For me, this looks like picking up a book, one that I feel is pouring into who I am, mind and spirit. This time alone, for me, is a time I choose to be one with my creator and worship. For you, it may look different. The essential point is that solitude can be beautiful for the completeness of your well-being.

At the end of the day, this time is for you. It is for who you want to be years after you leave this campus. This time should be guided by the pure desires of your spirit, not that checklist that dictates the rest of your week. Your wellness is so important. When it comes to classes and work, taking this personal time teaches you to be present in all situations. Those moments for yourself are where true worth is identified and spilled into all parts of your life.

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