“Senior Year: Nothing Like High School Musical 3”

Hello internet: especially you, Badgers and #FutureBadgers. Welcome! I’m excited to share my next six months with all of you. Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Maura Scrabis, and I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (that’s right, hockey fans, the home of your back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions). I plan on majoring in Communication Arts when I arrive at UW-Madison this fall. However, like all of the other indecisive incoming freshman, I’m not entirely set on what I want to do after finishing school. There’s a good chance that I might switch my major a few times before I’m settled, and I’ll keep you all posted throughout my journey!

In my free time, I enjoy swimming, hiking, exploring the city, trying new restaurants, watching movies, and listening to music. I’m eager to explore Madison and see what the city has to offer! Overall, I am really looking forward to next year; but I have to be honest, I’m also pretty nervous. I’ve come to realize how ridiculous it is that everything we were used to during high school has come to an end. We played our last game as a high school athlete, we had our last school dance, and before we knew it, we were done with high school completely. Now, the only thing separating us from our childhood and our daunting future is three simple months; one more summer until we leave our homes behind. It’s pretty bittersweet, isn’t it? There are so many new beginnings and big changes. I’ll have to actively limit my Goldfish intake, or else I’m bound to fall victim to the freshman 15.


Speaking of changes, the end of my high school career was not how I imagined it. Growing up, I watched a whole host of teen movies and TV shows, and let me just say: my senior year was nothing like High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Troy and Gabriella made me think that my last year would be the best one yet. In reality, there was no singing, hardly any dancing (even at prom), and no one I know is going to Stanford for undergrad. Granted, I probably shouldn’t have based my expectations on a Disney film, but that’s beyond the point. I didn’t even cry at graduation, and I was so sure that that was going to happen! For me, leaving high school wasn’t a sad event, and it wasn’t an overwhelmingly joyful one either. It just felt right. The timing is right, and I’m ready to meet new people and make new memories.

Of course I’ll miss my friends from high school, but they’re just as excited as I am to get out on their own. We’re all very happy for each other! I do realize that being so far from home will be difficult for a while. However, sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and that’s exactly what I’m doing by going to Madison. I’m hoping that I won’t feel entirely disconnected from home, because my family is pretty up-to-date and connected through social media. Plus, they’re only a short plane ride away. I just have to get my dog to understand Facetime before I leave.

Other technology, especially Facebook, has allowed me to already connect with countless other incoming students, and I’m thankful for that. Also, I’m lucky that I and my  roommate managed to purchase football season tickets. We have each other now! I have a feeling this whole “freshman year of college” thing might not be as intimidating as it first appears. Who knows, maybe the next four years will actually turn out to be some of the best years of my life. Cheesy, I know, but it might be true. This next year is going to be quite an adventure, and I can’t wait. But for now, my biggest adventure is going to be navigating Ikea to find the perfect futon. Wish me luck!

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