“With Achievement, Comes Fear”

Dear Lovely Readers,

I hope that this post finds you well and ready to know more about me as a writer. I have nothing much to mention about myself because I am still under the process of self-discovery. Well, to start with, I am a very proud extrovert; I hardly run out of words to spice up a conversation. My country of birth is Zimbabwe, but my parents stay in Botswana; so I am caught up between two countries. It can be really frustrating at times. I have always been in boarding school, and this has helped me conquer the fear of being away from home. This experience in boarding school has motivated me to help other students thrive away from home, as it can be really frustrating at times. I decided to be a blogger, so that I could connect with many of you even (if we do not personally meet on campus). Also, I wanted to be a source of inspiration to stay positive on campus, even when it gets hard.

Back home, I am very passionate about community service, so I usually spend my time in churches or orphanages helping those in need. I also have played softball and volleyball for almost 6 years, and softball has become my number one sport. I hope to join a competitive team in college. I know it’s really hard, but I believe I am tough enough.

Just like most first year students, I am undecided on my major. I have been looking into Real Estate within the UW-Madison School of Business, but I am still not sure. It’s ok to be lost in the beginning, so I am not worried at all. If you are undecided, know that you are not alone. I intend on taking a French minor, so that I broaden my communication skills. If ever you meet me, I will surely tell you a funny story about my French experience as an English speaker.

being freed..jpg

As I mentioned before, I have been in boarding school previously. However, my schools were certainly not as big as UW-Madison. The thought of how huge the UW community is makes me wonder if ever I will be able to thrive there. It is easy to feel left out in such a big community. Still, one can always thrive if they manage to secure their own small space for comfort. The day I finally graduated from High School at the African Leadership Academy, I realised that I was no longer able to see my close friends as often as before. It meant that my childish high school life was over.  It also opened doors for a new life away from home, all the familiar things, and my comfort zone.

I remember when I told my mum that I was reconsidering going to college and ended up regretting bringing it up. I can summarise the conversation in one sentence: “Fear comes when great things are about to be achieved.” After a very long (nearly three hour) lecture, I realised that college is a great step that will not come without any fears. I simply had to get over all my fears if I wanted to thrive in my life. If it was friendship that I was scared of losing, well, I had to strengthen it before I left home.  If it was family, I had to spend more time with them and also stay in touch. If it was my relationship back home, I had to make sure distance did not break it apart. If it was the fear of not being able to fit in when I got to college; well, I had to stop trying to fit in. People who are meant to be in your life will always be there with less effort put in after all.

This moment might be full of mixed emotions, but one thing is certain: I will make the best of my everyday experiences. At the end of the day, as cliché as it sounds, life is what you make of it. The key to college success if to stay motivated to discover yourself all the time. Obviously disappointments may come, but what matters most is how one responds to them. Being positive is the hardest thing to do all the time but believe me, it is worth it. Try it!

Well, that is all from me for now. I hope that my posts to come will lighten up your day and make you see the bright side of life. After all, there are always two sides of a story, the not so positive and the positive, I always choose the latter.

‘Till the next post,



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Reyna Groff says:

    Hi Miranda, thanks for posting! It’s great that you are committed to finding the positive side of things, and even better that you are able to share that perspective with so many others. I’ve also been learning a lot about overcoming fears in the past few months – and you’re right, it really does begin with the thoughts that you choose to cultivate each day.

    I plan on studying French at UW too – maybe we’ll meet! 🙂


    1. Hi Reyna, I am glad that you found this piece useful. Stay positive all the way and all the bitter moments in college will affect you in no way! We might actually meet in no time. French all the way!


  2. Cheryl says:

    Thumbs up Mandy!!!
    I was very afraid of the new large UW Madison community that I’ll soon be a part of until I read this blog. I know that I’ll always try focusing on the positive side of situations. And did I mention that I can’t wait to start our adventures together in Madison!!!


    1. Hey girl. I am glad you took away something from the blog post. You know we are going to explore positivity together. ‘Till the end!


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