Eva: “Welcome to Our New Lives”

I cannot believe that we have been in college for the past two months. When I first started college, I did not know what to expect. The experience is hard to describe. You will get waves of excitement for game day, and then you’ll see a dog that reminds you of your’s back home and bam! You’re hit with a bout of homesickness. You may be especially susceptible to homesickness if you cannot visit home very often (like me) because of timing or location. If I am missing my mom’s home-cooked meals, it will take a four hour bus ride there and another four hours back. I expected to go home more, but with all the schoolwork, it is not as easy as I thought.


I had never before gone through a more rapid change or transition. My biggest challenge this semester has been time-management and dealing with a workload I did not expect to have. Have you turned in a few late assignments this semester? I definitely have, especially in the first few weeks. I was not used to checking for homework if my teacher had not mentioned it. My classes this semester are harder than I anticipated, and I needed to reevaluate my timeline on a day-to-day basis. I forced myself to become organized (something I’ve never been known for). But now, I finally found my balance between clubs, homework, events, etc. Having a solid routine is imperative: knowing what to do and when to do it helps me accomplish my goals for the day.


Another sudden transition for me was the social aspect of college. Once the schoolwork is finished-which is hardly ever, so when the schoolwork is “almost” finished, I will de-stress and have some fun. Everyone can relate to that! If I walk into the hallway of my dorm, I can find someone in the same boat, wanting to relax too. Back at home, I would have to make a plan, ask my parents for the car, and speed off before they could change their minds. It is so much easier to see your friends and make plans in college. Eating at Gordon every night with a group of friends versus eating with your family is a huge difference. Initially, I missed having my family, but making friends was so unexpectedly natural. Everyone was looking for the same thing, and it was easy to find people who held the same interests as me.


Two months ago, before I arrived in Madison, I was overly concerned about biking on Madison’s busy roads, now it’s maybe the only thing I can do. College is already going by so fast. Remember when you did not know what Van Hise was, or that it looked like Van Vleck so you often went to French instead of calc? Yeah, me too. Our lives have changed significantly in the last few months. Now, if I want to take a nap, I take the elevator up, walk past 10 other rooms, unlock my door, and climb up a ladder before plopping onto the bed. We now live in a great city where there is always something to do. Take time to do things you enjoy! Take every opportunity that presents itself, like I did blogging for #YouAtUW. I have had a great time writing, and it has been a great outlet to tell my story in a way that helped my transition in college. Welcome to our new lives, where we spend the next four years learning and having an experience like no other. This really has been a great time and will only get better. Best of luck to you all, lets make this a great first-year experience!

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