Bárbara: “On, Wisconsin- Forever!”

Hello, Badgers! I hope you are all doing great on the last part of your first semester. It is surprising how fast time passed and that we are already facing our first round of college final exams. Writing this last post made me go back to the past when I wrote my first post to you. Everything was so different: I didn’t know about the future, I was learning about a new country, packing my things to leave Brazil with so many dreams and so many expectations in mind. I think you all felt the same way before coming here.

I, personally, found out that the university, the life in Madison, the college life, the friends and the classes are even better than what I expected. Besides that, I noticed that we are all different than who we were before coming to college. We grew up, learned how to deal with problems, tests, our own mess, and, mainly, we learned how to deal with different kinds of people. We made new friends, studied different subjects, and faced different situations.


During this semester, I joined two different organizations that interested me a lot, and I pitched my own project idea that I am now working on with a team to make it a reality. I also learned about how to study efficiently, completely assignments and homework, and have fun. I made new friends, met different people, and improved my English.

However, the semester was definitely not easy, as I am sure you all know. I had bad days too, days where I had troubles, got insecure, missed my family, missed the bus, got up a little late, and so on. Still, the best part of it all was learning how to always look on the bright side, stand up, and be strong.

Pic 4 .jpg

I took Chem 109, which is a really hard course, and sometimes, I thought about giving up. However, I realized how much I was learning, trusted myself, and believed it was possible to make it. Learning from those experiences is what really matters, and we get stronger every time we trust ourselves. Besides everything we learned, it is also important to look to the future, and think about what we want to do as a part of our college career.

Thinking about the future, it is always good to speak with an advisor about your plans and intentions. I met with my advisor last week to plan my next semester and the courses I am going to take. Once again, she was really helpful and told me about the best options for my spring semester. I think that, by this time, we know pretty much everything we need to live the college experience. Still, as a remember, it is always important to respect others’ differences, be open to new experiences, and to make the most of this amazing opportunity we have.

Pic 1.jpg

I wish you an incredible life during your time at UW, and I wish that you enjoy every single minute here on this amazing campus. Always remember that hard days are opportunities to learn. Always look on the bright side, and have fun (but not so much that you forget to study)! Have an amazing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Happy New Year! It was amazing to share this first semester with you, and I enjoyed it as much as I did.  On, Wisconsin- forever!

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