Eva: “Moving is Not Easy”

As I arrived to start my life at UW-Madison, I faced a lot of unexpected challenges. I did not expect to miss all of my friends as much as I do, I did not think it would be so hard to say goodbye to my parents, and, most of all, I did not expect it to be so hard to remember the names of all the people I have met.


The moment I arrived on campus, it was chaos. There were cones everywhere and people directing traffic in bright yellow vests. I had to finish unpacking all of my things within a hour, which is almost a miracle, considering it took me days to figure out which of my items should come to college. It was difficult to envision how everything would tie together. However, once I got into my residence hall, I was surprised at how easy it was to shove my items into all the open spaces. I wanted even more space, so I decided to loft my bed (Now, I am just waiting for the day I roll off).

I was lucky enough to have a great roommate who helped me move in. One of the biggest worries I had was making friends at such a huge school, but having this great roommate definitely eased my nerves. I also have made a lot of new friends on my floor, so for students that may be staying in a single room or those who are not as close to their roommates, no worries. There are tons of ways to make friends at Madison.

I am looking forward to #WiWelcome. Through all of the programs they are putting on, I am certain there will be tons of new people to meet with my similar interests. For once, I am excited for classes to start, so I can meet the fellow students taking the course. We will bond through late-night study groups and pizza binge-eating sessions from the Gordon Avenue Market. The food has been delicious, but walking to another building for food instead of my lovely (and convenient) kitchen at home will be something to get used to. Another thing that will be hard to remember is to do my laundry. When I finally get it to the washer, I must move it over to the dryer, and then back to my room. I know the transitions of living on a college campus seems hard now, but by the end of freshman year, it will be a breeze.


Moving is not easy. Now that I am unpacked and ready for my life at Madison, I have faced unexpected experiences. I did not expect to meet so many new friends, I did not expect the fun of living with a roommate, and, most of all, I did not expect how quickly I became comfortable in Madison. I like sleeping on my lofted bed, even though I’m afraid I’ll roll off it every single night. The heat in my non-air-conditioned room now lulls me to sleep. I am so incredibly happy to finally be here. The best times are yet to come, Badgers!


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