Barbara: “The Meaning of ‘University'”

I have always enjoyed knowing the origin of words and how their meanings have changed over time. For example, the story of the word “University” fascinates me. University means an institution of higher learning, constituted by a body of person. The word “University” is also related to the study of the universe, in all kind of spheres. I agree with this definition and could feel it even before arriving at UW- Madison. I was surprised when I realized students are able to study all kinds of subjects and get involved with a huge variety of activities.


I recently received an email about free software training for programs like Excel, Matlab, Photoshop, and more. I received this information and organized my calendar, so that I would be able to utilize these activities as soon as I arrive on campus. It is an amazing opportunity to develop different skills. I spent days looking at all UW clubs and organizations, to understand what each one has to offer. I have already decided to join a dance group and leadership/equality activity, and I cannot wait to begin participating. I am also excited, because I am going to be at the annual celebration of women in engineering.


Other things that made me feel more comfortable and safe was completing the AlcoholEdu and Tonight programs before arriving on campus. These courses gave clarity to many situations and helped me feel motivated to change the world, even as a college student. It was great to have all that information and to learn how to proceed in certain situations. It is awesome how UW-Madison is concerned about the safety and the well-being of the students. I am also looking forward applying to jobs at UW-Madison and am studying my options carefully to be sure that I make the right choices. I love getting involved with so many things at the university.


I left Brazil on August 25, and it was definitely not easy. Leaving family, friends and my country is not an easy job. However, it is like people always say: after a hurricane, comes a rainbow. After tears, comes the smiles. I had a picnic for foreign students, which made me feel much more comfortable about living in a different country. Besides that, during the move-in, I had a lot of help from Badgers Buddies. I am starting to feel at home. Those activities are surely reasons to smile and I hope to feel this happy during my entire time at UW-Madison. We all deserve to have the best time at the best university!


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  1. Eliane Buzzetto says:

    I loved your post, Barbara Pereta, and your positive attitude toward all the opportunities that UWM offers! I am proud to have you as a future professional colleague! Chemical Engineering is a great career! Congratulations on your choice!


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