Need-to-Know Resources for #FutureBadgers

The University of Wisconsin- Madison has countless resources to students. From academic tutors, to social support services- we have just about everything on our campus. Therefore, it may be difficult, at first, to navigate these many opportunities. How can you know where to begin when there are so many services available? Therefore, some of our interns and student staff members at the UW-Madison Center for the First-Year Experience have listed some of the resources they think all first-year students need to know about. This is only the beginning. If you have more questions about resources, visit the student services page  or email our office at

Ask a Librarian:


“Ask a Librarian is a great online resource in which you can chat online with a librarian. They can help you out with anything and everything; they are so knowledgeable about research material, how to utilize the library, and in general, they know a lot about campus.” – Megan Slife, SOAR Programming Intern

If you have absolutely no idea where to start with the more than 40 libraries on UW-Madison’s campus, turn to Ask a Librarian. Although the online chat is the most popular feature of the service, students can also get ahold of library staff via email, call, text, in-person visit, or by appointment. A specific library can be selected and contacted for questions about utilizing UW-Madison’s catalogue, finding resources for projects, and more!

Greater University Tutoring Services (GUTS):

GUTS is only one of the many tutoring opportunities available for student-use at UW-Madison. Students can utilize GUTS programs, including assistance with academic subjects, conversational language, and study skills. Special services are offered for McBurney students, students learning English as a second language, and students seeking graduate student mentorship. For assistance with any of your upcoming classes, visit GUTS in office #4413 at 333 East Campus Mall.

Multicultural Student Center (MSC):


“I think every student should know about the MSC (Multicultural Student Center). It not only has a lounge/study space, it also provides workshops, conversation starters, and educational programming that has been essential to my growth as a student and person during my time at UW-Madison. Check out MCOR during Wisconsin Welcome Week!” – Garrett Pauli, SOAR Programming Intern

The MSC operates as a safe, inclusive space for students of all racial and cultural identities, specifically students of color. With programming throughout the school-year, Badgers are able to take advantage of leadership opportunities, educational workshops, and a space that offers not only growth but relationship building. The staff and students involved with the MSC work hard to create a welcoming community for students of color. A variety of resources can be found both at the MSC’s website and in the Red Gym, at 716 Langdon St.

LGBT Campus Center (LGBTCC):

The LGBTCC is another identity-based hub on UW-Madison’s campus. This space offers a variety of resources to students, including free computer use and printing, access to the LGBT+ library which includes both books and DVDs, free safe sex supplies, and more! The campus center “provides education, outreach, advocacy, and resources for UW-Madison student communities and their allies to improve campus climate and their daily intersectional experiences.”  These goals are done with the principles of intersectionality, social justice, empowerment, celebration, community, collaboration, and inclusivity behind them. Students can visit the LGBTCC in the Red Gym, at 716 Langdon St.

Division of Information Technology (DoIT):


“Student Training Sessions through DoIt are often overlooked, but provide incredibly helpful classes to share tutorial information about Adobe and Office Suite programs. Also, is awesome for technology tutorials!” – Evan Warwick, SOAR New Student Leader

DoIT is the one stop shop for all student technological needs. Whether you need to buy a new phone charger or your laptop has been on the fritz, the DoIT tech experts will be happy to assist you. Some additional services offered by DoIT include technology rentals, no-charge to low cost software downloads, and technology guides and training. For a full list of their services, visit their website or visit one of their two offices at either 333 E. Campus Mall or across from Union South in the Computer Science and Statistics building.

International Student Services (ISS):

ISS provides support, assistance, and resources to UW students coming from another country. These resources include the Building Relationships in Diverse Global Environments (BRIDGE) program, assistances with taxes, visas, and immigration issues, and events held specifically for international students. The mission of the ISS office is not only to “contribute to the successful experience of all international students studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison” but also to “[inform] the campus and the larger community about the unique needs of and unique contributions made by international students.” International Students can learn more about ISS by visiting their office at 716 Langdon St.

Undergraduate Advising:


“I was too stubborn and thought that I didn’t need help planning my classes. I didn’t realize that advisors can also help you find internships, talk about career options, and understand applying to graduate school.” – Maddy Spettel, SOAR Advising Intern

This is one resource incoming students are most wary of. Too often, students believe seeing an advisor is unnecessary or will be uncomfortable. However, your advisor can be a vital resource for your academic and career success. Making an appointment with them within the first few weeks of the semester is definitely encouraged- whether it’s to declare a major, discuss career goals, or just to introduce yourself and say hello! It is recommended that students visit their advisor at least once a semester to touch base. However, more frequent visits are welcome! If you have already been admitted to a school (i.e. Engineering, Letters & Sciences, or SoHE) you will have been assigned an advisor within that school. However, if you are double-majoring or undecided, you can visit Cross College Advising Services (CCAS), either by making an appointment or attending their walk-in hours.

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