Callie: “Be Awkward, Together”

Did someone say 14-mile backpacking trip? The second I heard about the opportunity to take a trip to Lake of the Clouds with Outdoor UW I was ready, if not itching, to go (not just because of all the mosquito bites I knew I would get). I brought along my love for the outdoors, my urge to meet new people, my excitement to get involved, my desire to learn, my open mind, and my camping gear. Believe it or not, how you pack your backpack is key to backpacking. Of course, when you are backpacking, you don’t need any keys, unless, metaphorically you are trying to unlock something within yourself…but that’s besides the point…
Acknowledge where you see yourself and look beside you. You’ll realize that you are not alone. Oddly enough, that sums up a lot of what I have learned:


  1. After five days venturing into the wilderness, I came back with a greater appreciation for not only the outdoors, but all that lies ahead at UW-Madison. We all have a passion: set that passion free by finding a club that does it justice. We all are a piece of the puzzle at UW-Madison. With that being said, go to the Student Organization Fair on September 14 and 15, and find where your place on campus will be.
  2. Some of us may know what it is we want to do with our lives, others may not. There is nothing wrong with falling in either category. Wherever you find yourself, know you are not alone. This statement holds true for all of us freshman year; You are not going to be the only awkward one. As they said at Basecamp, “Be awkward together.”
  3. I am realizing I learned a lot more than I realized. Ultimately, take the first step, get involved, and meet new people. I took my first step with Basecamp– How will you?

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