Meet the #YouAtUWTeam: Madison Kurth

Madison Kurth is a freshman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, double-majoring in Microbiology and Biochemistry. An extremely involved student, Madison was engaged with many extracurricular activities throughout high school. One of these activities that she’s planning to pursue at UW-Madison is joining the intramural wrestling team. Having experience being one of few women on a male-dominated team, Madison is not afraid to push norms. This fuels her interest in joining the Multicultural Learning Community on-campus. She is most excited about making a difference at UW-Madison through her own personal experiences and perspectives. Recent campus events have motivated her to take action and not just be a bystander to discrimination on-campus. We are very excited to see what Madison’s focus on social justice brings to the #YouAtUW team!

Some additional features that Madison is looking forward to as a #futurebadger include joining Alpha Epsilon Delta (UW-Madison’s Pre-medical Honor Society), Women’s Health Coalition (WHS), and the Pre-Health Undergraduates Learning about Social Equity (PULSE).

A fun fact about Madison: In first grade, Madison had to get stitches after she laughed so hard, she fell over into a chair. The dye used in the stiches turned her whole forehead blue.

#YouAtUW contributors will create monthly video, photography, or written content centering on topics and experiences that all first-year students will be engaging with. We encourage all #futurebadgers to follow along with the #YouAtUW team for stories and advice on making it through your first year at UW-Madison.

For any questions or concerns, email Darby Hoffman or visit the UW-Madison Center for the First-Year Experience’s website.

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