Meet the #YouAtUW Team: Eva Cox

Eva Cox is a freshman from Saint Paul, Minnesota majoring in Engineering but wanting to explore in her first year. She pursued a wide variety of activities in high school, including yearbook, student council, volunteer work, Pottery Club, German Club, Science Olympiad, Math League, and athletics! Eva describes herself as a sociable person, and is looking forward to connecting with #futurebadgers in order to learn more about others and meet new people. The new environment and adjustment period are two things that are definitely on Eva’s mind. However, she knows that all first-year students are going through the experience together. By relating to others and communicating with them about shared experiences, Eva hopes to foster a health community.

A fun fact about Eva: She doesn’t like any fruits that end in “erry,”including cherry, strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, and blueberry!

#YouAtUW contributors will create monthly video, photography, or written content centering on topics and experiences that all first-year students will be engaging with. We encourage all #futurebadgers to follow along with the #YouAtUW team for stories and advice on making it through your first year at UW-Madison.

For any questions or concerns, email Darby Hoffman or visit the UW-Madison Center for the First-Year Experience’s website.

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