Meet the #YouAtUW Team: Barbara Pereta

Barbara Pereta is a freshman from Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil majoring in Chemical Engineering. Barbara describes herself as being “passionate about life.” She loves learning, sharing knowledge/ experiences, studying, and being positive. In high school, she pursued research opportunities, ballet, acting, and volunteer work. Pairing her passion for volunteering together with her love for meeting new people, Barbara planned parties to integrate community members from abroad with her city. This experience helped her form her belief that getting in touch with completely different people is the best way to learn about new cultures- a perspective that will be extremely useful in her transition to being an international student at UW-Madison.

Barbara believes that leaving her home in Brazil will be a two-way street. “You can feel bad about it and not enjoy the situation, or you can enjoy the opportunity, leave your comfort zone and grow from that. I choose the road that takes me to the future, not the one that takes me to the past. In my opinion, the university is the best place to create connections between students, activities, the world, and the environment.”

A fun fact about Barbara: She is both afraid, yet interested, in the sea. She loves its mystery and immensity.

#YouAtUW contributors will create monthly video, photography, or written content centering on topics and experiences that all first-year students will be engaging with. We encourage all #futurebadgers to follow along with the #YouAtUW team for stories and advice on making it through your first year at UW-Madison.

For any questions or concerns, email Darby Hoffman or visit the UW-Madison Center for the First-Year Experience’s website.

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