Meet the #YouAtUW Team: Callie Elonen

Callie Elonen is a freshman from Knoxville, Tennessee majoring in Philosophy and Physics. She is very excited to get involved on campus and is starting early as part of the Wisconsin Basecamp program this summer. In the fall, she hopes to pursue research opportunities, Greek life, study abroad, Hoofers, and join one of UW-Madison’s many a capella groups! Moving 12 hours away from home does have Callie thinking about how she will operate differently without her central support system (in addition to coping with the Wisconsin weather). However, she is  big on communication and is not afraid to challenge herself or the expectations set for her. This attitude motivates her to be open and real with those around her.

A fun fact about Callie: She enjoys dancing out her car window to the vehicles that pull up next to her.

#YouAtUW contributors will create monthly video, photography, or written content centering on topics and experiences that all first-year students will be engaging with. We encourage all #futurebadgers to follow along with the #YouAtUW team for stories and advice on making it through your first year at UW-Madison.

For any questions or concerns, email Darby Hoffman or visit the UW-Madison Center for the First-Year Experience’s website.

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