Meet Your Transfer Ambassadors!

One vital component of transitioning into life as a Badger is connecting with your Transfer Ambassador. Transfer Ambassadors are experienced transfer students who assist new #UWTransfers by facilitating involvement opportunities, promoting a sense of belonging to UW-Madison and the greater Madison community, and providing resources for personal and academic success. Transfer Ambassadors are an easy way to start to make connections on campus, so be sure to network with them. Meet your 2016-2017 Transfer Ambassadors below!


Jessica Fischer , Community and Nonprofit Leadership

While joining the UW campus may be daunting at first and you may feel as though you don’t belong- you do. You worked just as hard to be where you are at and you deserve the educational and involvement opportunities just as any other UW student so own your Badger pride!”


Favorite Class at UW: Gender and Women Studies 103

Favorite Place to Study: Union South

Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Favorite Place to Eat: Bassett Street Brunch Club

Sean Gelangang Vincent Martin Wong, Psychology

Don’t be afraid to explore and try things out! Discover yourself and make the best out of everything .”


Favorite Place to Eat: Food Cart! They have amazing spring rolls!

Favorite Place to Study: College Library

Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Blue Moon

Favorite Class: Human Sexuality

Sarah Cameron, Conservation Biology with a certificate in Environmental Studies

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new-whether it be joining a student organization, taking an interesting class outside of your major, or striking up a conversation with a professor. Some of the things that seem tough or even uncomfortable at first prove to be the most rewarding!”


Favorite Place to Study: The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID)

Favorite Study Break: A trip to one of the greenhouses in Plant Sciences or Birge Hall

Favorite Place for Cheese Curds: Der Rathskeller in Memorial Union

Favorite Class: Extinction of Species

Josh Romanowski, Biology

Expand your comfort zone! Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable and try new things.”


Favorite TV Show: Mad Men (currently)

Favorite Place to Eat: Brat Stand at the Wisconsin Union Terrace

Favorite Place to Study: The Historical Society or Information Systems Library

Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Butter Pecan

Suri M. Pourmodheji, Communication Arts

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and expand it!”


Favorite Pop Culture Icon: Lady Gaga

Favorite Place to Study: Memorial Library

Favorite Activity on Campus: Free Art Friday

Favorite Class: Critical Internet Studies

Emily Jolliffe, Nursing

“Do not be afraid to expand your comfort zone and meet new people. Madison has tons of amazing   opportunities if you are willing to put yourself out there and find them.”


Favorite Place to Eat: Cuco’s Mexican Restaurant

Favorite Thing to Do with Friends on Campus: Go to the terrace and watch the sunset.

Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough

Favorite Game Day Tradition: Waking up to the band marching down my street

Sydney Rosengarten, Nursing with certificates in Gender and Women’s Studies and Global Health

“Don’t be afraid to try something new and maintain a “lean in” mentality throughout your transition. UW has so many amazing opportunities and you should take advantage of as many as you can!”


Favorite Place to Eat: Graze

Favorite Place to Study: Educational Sciences Building

Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Orange Chocolate Chip

Favorite Class: Women’s Bodies in Health and Disease

For more details on the resources available for transfer students, visit or email Also, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on everything for #UWTransfers.

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