#Futurebadgers Flash a “W”at Prom

Prom symbolizes one of your last hurrahs before graduating high school. Feeling excitement for the year and anticipation for your upcoming college experience makes showcasing the famous “W” and expressing Badger Pride a tradition for many #futurebadgers. Below are some photos capturing this thrilling moment, where Badgers dress in their most dapper attire, gather with friends, and share their enthusiasm for their first year at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Photo courtesy of: Stephaney Cheng


Photo courtesy of: Julia Thurau13226674_639053716249052_5112394152371477255_n

Photo Courtesy of: Rachael Flora13239234_1320544174623729_458459416609621627_n

Photo courtesy of: Abby Streu13240092_660836737398331_1733621944978632160_n

Photo courtesy of: Katy Bergeron


Photo courtesy of: Riley Truax


Photo courtesy of: Emma Dewane


Photo courtesy of: Kennedy Krause


Photo courtesy of: Alyssa Birkeland


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