Start Your #WIExp Today!

Embrace all that is UW–Madison, and get ready to enjoy the amazing journey ahead.

  1. Start your #BuckyList. Create a list of UW–Madison must-dos. Track your goals, accomplishments, and good times. Talk about it on social media and share your story.
  2. Live intellectually. Live the Wisconsin Idea. Make your life an extension of the classroom, and become a well-educated, well-rounded, well-intentioned Badger.
  3. Establish your crew. Life is a collaborative process, and aligning yourself with positivity and meaningful relationships will help ground you, shape you, and make you better. Meet professors, administrators, and student leaders to make a connection and start a conversation.
  4. Meet with your advisor. This is serious. Forming a relationship with your advisor helps you get organized and stay on track, while reducing stress and anxiety. Find answers. Find resources. Find support.
  5. Embrace differences. We walk, talk, learn, sing, study, love, think, dress, have fun, and create differently from each other. Use these differences to enrich your life and future.
  6. Live what you love. If you’re exhausted on your best days, you’re winning. Your work becomes play as your passions become deeper. Keep moving, keep working hard. The rewards are endless when your education becomes your passion.
  7. Explore involvement. Find an internship. Volunteer. Study abroad. Get your research published. Join a student org. Form a study group. Take a class at Rec Sports. Learn a new language. Get to know someone different from you. The possibilities to get involved are endless, but it’s up to you to get started.
  8. Live healthy. Be the best you. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Make healthy choices about alcohol and drugs. Eat well. Get off the phone and unplug. Take a walk. Breathe in. Breathe out.
  9. Talk it out. Discuss and understand expectations with your family regarding academics, financial responsibilities, alcohol, and campus involvement. Be real about your anxieties with friends; we’ve all been there, and it helps to talk it through with someone you trust.
  10. Relax! (Repeat.) Relax. Spend some downtime enjoying life at home before you leave for college. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the exciting opportunities at UW– Madison once you arrive on campus. And when you’re here, continue to give yourself a break. Transitions take time, so be kind to yourself.

We encourage you to explore first-year opportunities and more at

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