The #WIExp Seminar (Coun. Psy. 125)

The Wisconsin Experience Seminar (Counseling Psychology 125) is a one-credit, semester long class designed to help new students (freshman and transfer) make a successful transition to the University of Wisconsin-Madison by connecting them with a faculty or staff member, upperclassmen co-instructor, and 17 peers. With discussion, goal setting opportunities, and engagement with the campus/ community, this course is meant to help new students craft their own, unique #WIExp. Students will leave the course with a better grasp of the habits necessary for college students, a deeper understanding of the history, culture, and values of UW-Madison, and a more informed idea of how they can have a fulfilling college experience. If you’re interested in gaining these skills, connections, and more, sign up for Coun. Psy. 125 at SOAR this summer!

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To see more of what students are doing to create their #WIExp, check out

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